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Implementing SDGs, UNDIP KKN Team Invites the Community of Klampok Village, Brebes Regency to Be More Empowered and Productive

The Community Service Program (KKN) as a form of Community Service implementation which is part of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education has many benefits for students and the village community. With the aim of helping village residents to become more productive, the Team I students of the Community Service Program (KKN) 2022/2023 Diponegoro University (Undip) deployed in Klampok Village, Wanasari District, Brebes Regency were carrying out a KKN activity themed “Community Empowerment Based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) KKN Undip Activities in Klampok Village, Wanasari District, Brebes Regency”.

The Klampok Village KKN team, consisting of 8 students from various faculties at Undip, would carry out KKN from January 3, 2023 to February 16, 2023. Members of the Klampok Village KKN team are Ahmad Rusdiyanto (SV), A. Zainul Majied Noor (FEB), Amalina Riyadlotul Kholisha (FIB), Damaris Anggun Sasmita (FT), Felissha Safa Naila (SV), Ferel Rico Albani (FT), Fina Kamila Putri (SV), Nourmalia Indah Prasanti (FK).

Ahmad Rusdiyanto as the Village Coordinator of the Klampok Village KKN team explained the reason his team chose Klampok Village was because the village had never been located as a place for KKN Undip and had potential that not all villages had. “Klampok Village has potential in the form of human resources who play an active role and have high enthusiasm in every village activity,” said Ahmad when interviewed by the Undip Public Relations Team.

Students from the Klampok Village KKN team participated in making the design of an educational park and its realization. The park is the hope of the Klampok Village community that has not been realized. In addition, the Undip students team also conducted a demonstration on how to make corndog food to the PKK Klampok Village women at routine PKK events. The enthusiasm of the Klampok Village PKK women was visible for the cooking demonstration, and the village community also supported and waited for the work program which will be carried out by the Undip KKN team.

In the inter-village PORSENI event, the Undip KKN team was also involved as a participant in the PORSENI competition as a representative from Klampok Village.

“Besides its importance as a graduation requirement, KKN is a place to improve individual student skills in solving problems that exist in society by honing communication and social skills. KKN will teach you to work together with people you just met. In completing a joint work program, maintaining communication and cohesiveness between team members is very necessary. KKN is not a scary thing like the stories in movies, the main thing is to maintain attitudes with the surrounding community and maintain the norms that exist in the environment where we are in,” said Ahmad to fellow students who will take part in KKN activities offline. (Titis – Public Relations)

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