The Fishing Competition at the UNDIP Teluk Awur Jepara Campus Marked the Establishment of the UNDIP Fishing Community

Diponegoro University – Jepara, Central Java. The fishing competition at the Diponegoro University Teluk Awur campus, Jepara, Central Java was attended by 37 participants consisting of Undip staff and lecturers. The fishing competition, which was held for the first time by the Business Management, Commercial Business and Risk Analysis Agency (BP UBIKAR) Undip on Thursday afternoon (16/03/2023), competed for championships for individual and team categories, as well as marking the establishment of the Undip Fishing Community (UMC). it is a forum for Undip students, educational staff, lecturers and alumni who like fishing.

“Undip Fishing Community is one of the new steps to unite Undip fishing fans, consisting of students, lecturers, education staff and alumni. Today (Thursday, 16/3/2023 – editor) is the inauguration of the launch of the UMC (Undip Fishing Community) and the jersey used by the participants of this fishing competition, is the first UMC jersey. Later there will be other jerseys, meaning there will be other activities going forward,” explained Dwi Cahyo Utomo, S.E., M.A., Ph.D. as Head of BP UBIKAR.

Apart from strengthening friendship between fishing enthusiasts, this fishing competition also aims to introduce the Undip Teluk Awur Jepara campus to the Undip extended family, as well as to enliven the lecture launch event at the Undip Teluk Awur Jepara campus on Thursday morning.

“Our hope is that this activity can introduce Undip friends to get to know the Teluk Awur campus better. Take a look and learn here. There are research ponds for students and the community,” explained Dwi Cahyo on the sidelines of a fishing competition.

On the Undip Teluk Awur Jepara campus there are a number of fish ponds on the West and East sides of the campus building. The fish ponds used for fishing competitions are on the east side. 2 special ponds are provided for fishing competitions in which 200 kilograms of tilapia have been stocked. Fishing competition participants are given the opportunity for 2 hours, from 2 PM to 4 PM to compete with each other to catch as many fish as possible.

The winners were already announced. The winners of individual fishing competition for the heaviest fish category are Raden Bagus Hepi Yuzwar Hindrawan Diponegoro (finance staff), Herlambang Abriyanto (Faculty of Engineering staff) and Ahmad Fatoni (Academic and Student Affairs Bureau staff). The winner of the individual fishing competition for the smallest fish category is Eko Budiyanto (UPT Library staff). Meanwhile, in the team fishing competition, there was only one team winner, namely Alaik Taufix (BKB) as team leader with members Ahmad Fatoni (BAK) and Sutrisno (TU).

The winners of the fishing competition receive cash prizes and are allowed to bring home the fish they fished for. In addition to the fishing competition, in the near future there will also be an Instagram feed and open vlog photo competition for vocational/high school students and the general public, a Fun Run competition, and a healthy bicycle competition. (Ninok Hariyani)

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