Sukorejo Village, Sambirejo District, is one of the tourist villages in Sragen Regency that is trying to build a durian agrotourism destination with a land area of more than 25 hectares. Most people already have local durian plants in their gardens or yards, but superior durian seeds are still rare. For this reason, Sukrisno, S.Pd.SD, S.H. collaborated with Dana Reksa by providing assistance with 1200 superior durian seeds of the Montong, Bawor and Musang King types. The planting of the superior durian seed has been carried out in 2022. This activity funded by the Corporate Social Responsibility of Dana Reksa will continue until the realization of Durian Agrotourism.

“I asked a team of experts from Diponegoro University to provide both technical and planning assistance in building Sukorejo Village in the future, so that the village can develop its economy faster and be more creative and innovative,” said Sukrisno. It was further explained that in order to get an evaluation of the success of the social-environmental program which has been implemented for one year, the assistance of experts from Undip is needed, due to the limited human resources in Sukorejo.

The Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences, Undip responded very well to the request from Sukorejo Village by sending its lecturers on Wednesday (22/2). The joint team consisted of the Food Technology Study Program (Dr. Heni Rizqiati, S.Pt., M.Si. and Hega Bintang Pratama Putra, STP, M.Sc.), Agroecotechnology Study Program (Muhammad Iqbal Fauzan, S.P., M.Si. and Septrial Arafat, S.P., M.P) and from the Agribusiness Study Program (Annisa Firdauzi, S.P., M.P). The FPP Undip team was invited to tour the location that was initiated into durian agrotourism.

“The activity that will be carried out soon is to assist in the calculation of Social Return on Investment (SROI), because SROI is very necessary to determine policies and further steps needed to produce the best environmental and social benefits for the community,” said Annisa during the field data collection. The activity initiated by the Agriculture Department Team of FPP Undip was carried out in a series of acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thus this activity is expected to end poverty that still exists in the community.

The team from the Department of Agriculture will assist Sukorejo Village, especially in increasing the capacity of human resources in durian cultivation, including aspects of processing agricultural products. Thus it is hoped that in the future when the durian planting has been successful and enters the main harvest, there will not be a drop in the selling price, because the community is expected to be able to produce various processed products from durian and other fruit plants in Sukorejo Village.

“We will assist farmer women so they can process fruit products, such as rambutan, which is currently being harvested and prices have dropped. Of course, with appropriate technology, they can actually do it on a household scale,” said Hega Bintang, a lecturer at the Food Technology Study Program.

FPP Undip will also carry out Campus Service activities from the Department of Animal Science which will be held on the 4th of March 2023. It is planned that this activity will be attended by the Regent of Sragen who will at the same time inaugurate the Keroncong Wayang CONG-YANG as a typical cultural attraction of Sukorejo Village.

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