Ima Wijayanti (Undip Lecturer) Won “Best Dissertation” Award at the Food Science and Technology Program, Prince of Songkla University

Ima Wijayanti, lecturer at the Department of Fisheries Product Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University won the “Best Dissertation” award at the Food Science and Technology Program, Prince of Songkla University 2023 with the dissertation title “Bio-Calcium From Asian Sea Bass (Lates Calcarifer) Backbone: Characteristics and Its Food Fortification”.

Her research uses laboratories experimental methods to characterize fish bones, followed by the use of high pressure heating technology for pre-treatment, bio-calcium production, particle size reduction with ultrasonic technology and the application of bio-calcium in various food products.

“The use of fish bones as a source of calcium is also an alternative for those who are sensitive or allergic to lactose, milk or nuts, which are usually high sources of calcium. Meanwhile, the use of high pressure heating in the process of making bio-calcium helps reduce the grittiness or sandy mouthfeel of bioc-alcium so that it can be applied to various foods such as surimi, mayonnaise and fish spread without causing significant sensory disturbances when added in the right amount,” she explained.

“In the right addition, bio-calcium from snapper bones can also improve the quality of surimi gel, especially in low-grade surimi. The results of the study through in-vitro tests using Caco-2 cells show that bio-calcium from snapper bones has a higher absorption than its dissolved form in citric acid,” concluded Ima.

This achievement is of course a matter of pride for Undip because one of the Undip lecturers was able to compete at the international level. In addition, it will also motivate students to excel together in bringing Undip;s reputation to the national and international levels. (LW-Public Relations)

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