Ade Lulu Noviantie successfully graduated with a GPA of 3.83 at the 170th Graduation Ceremony of Diponegoro University. This graduate from the Faculty of Law often takes part in competitions and gains achievements, including the Best Paper Award at the National Moot Court Competition, Anti Money Laundering VI held by Trisakti University in 2021; 1st Place in Women’s Senior Kumite at the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Cup International Karate Championships in 2022; and 1st Place in Women’s Senior Kumite at the Nara Cup International Karate Championships in 2022.

“Besides studying, I also took part in UKM Karate Undip, UKM-F Martial Arts and UKM-F Pseudorechtspraak . I also took advantage of my college holidays for independent internships,” she said.

“Undip is a university that really appreciates the achievements of its students. I was accepted at Undip through the SBUB or Superior Achievement Student Selection. While in college, we are still supported to be creative and excel in our expertise field. Undip is a place for anyone who wants to learn, develop and realize their goals,” Lulu continued.

“Education is indeed very important, but organizations also teach a lot of experiences that can be provisions, include how to understand various people’s characteristics, hone skills that may not be obtained in the classroom, and establish relations. We can’t be tired of pushing ourselves to keep learning and don’t always stay in our comfort zone, dare to face challenges and must always be enthusiastic!” she concluded. (LW – Public Relations)

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