Insyira Risma Medya, Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Business UNDIP who Has Many Achievements

Insyira Risma Medya is a student who graduated at the 170th Graduation Ceremony of Diponegoro University from the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management. She graduated with a GPA of 3.78. During her study at Undip, she was active in faculty and university level organizations, participated in internships, ran several competitions related to interests and talents and pursued her hobby, namely singing.

The achievements she has achieved include 2nd place in Vocal Single Economics Art FEB Undip (2021); Best Score Economics Super Speaker Personal Building Theme (2020); 2nd Place for Diponegoro Art Competition Cover Song (2020); 2nd place in Single Vocal Economics FEB Undip (2020); and 1st place in the Band Dipocition competition (2020). Besides that, she had experience include being the MC of the Future Leader Summit national seminar with the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Mr. Sandiaga Uno (2022); Talent of Jazz Show event at Ngayogjazz representing the city of Semarang in Jogja (2022); Campus Ambassador IYSRE by the Bandung Institute of Technology (2021); Finalist of Management Icons (2021); Candidates for General Elections Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of BEM FEB Undip (2022); Personal Speaker of Building Economic Future Leader (2021); External FMEI Delegate (2020); and Delegates of Economic Symposium at the Padjadjaran University (2020).

“Undip provides a positive environment for me to develop myself with extraordinary progress from characteristic, way of thinking to becoming a person who can adapt well to world developments that are very rapid and provide valuable experiences,” she said.

Risma has served as an Internship Staff of PMMB (Certified Student Internship Program) for SOEs in BTN Syariah Semarang in the position of Consumer Business (2022); Internship Staff of PT Telkom Indonesia Regional IV at Human Capital division (2022); Director of Corporate Partnership “Future Leader Summit” (2022); Project Officer “Internship BEM FEB Undip” (2022); Special Staff of the PMO (Organizational Quality Assurance) division of BEM FEB Undip (2021); Internship Staff of Rumah Kapas at Human Resources division (2021); Event Coordinator of the Economics Carnival event (2021); and FMEI Delegate (Indonesian Economic Student Forum) as a Public Relations position (2020).

“Time goes on, time does not look at whoever the subject is. Us as the young generation are lucky because we have the opportunity to carry out a good education and make the best use of it. What we are trying to do now is what we will feel and enjoy in the future. Take advantage of your privilege of being a student by seizing every opportunity to become a human being who is always growing and can provide benefits to those around him for now, tomorrow and in the future, for ourselves, for our surroundings and for the nation and the country,” Risma concluded. (LW – Public Relations)

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