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UNDIP Won 3rd Place in the 2023 National Outstanding Students Election in the Diploma Category

Diponegoro University (Undip) students have once again made brilliant achievements on the national stage. This time, D4 Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architectural Design student Kharizma Aulia Syarifiyah won third place in the 2023 National Outstanding Students Election (Pilmapres) in the Diploma program category.

In the 2023 Pilmapres series of events held on July 24-28, 2023, at Hasanuddin University Makassar, Kharizma won third place with an innovative product entitled “Mycobre-Wall: Innovation of Earthquake Resistant Precast Walls Based on Coconut Fiber Waste and Mycelium Mushrooms using a Seismic Base Isolation to Achieve Sustainable Development.”

“I brought an innovative product for earthquake-resistant walls by utilizing the potential of coconut fiber waste and mycelium fungus in Kulon Progo Regency. Not only that, this innovation also utilizes appropriate technology, namely seismic base isolation as a vibration damper. The reason for choosing this innovation is because, currently, many areas in Indonesia are experiencing earthquakes, especially areas around Yogyakarta. “This innovation is expected to minimize damage and loss to buildings when an earthquake occurs,” explained Kharizma when the Undip Public Relations team contacted on Thursday (03/08).

An innovative product prototype entitled Mycobre-Wall: Earthquake Resistant Precast Wall Innovation Based on Coconut Fiber Waste and Mycelium Mushrooms using a Seismic Base Isolation to Achieve Sustainable Development.

The class of 2020 student said she was happy and proud after winning third place. “I feel happy and proud because the struggle before the selection produced good results. I also felt unexpected because the fear of a bad presentation could be overcome with my best performance,” she said.

Previously, Kharizma often participated in scientific competitions such as essays and papers. Apart from that, Kharizma also actively participated in conference activities as a delegate. “One of the competitions I won was 1st place in the 2022 Civil Essay Classical Fest. I also participated in conference activities in New York, United States, and received an award as the best international youth leader delegate. “I have received approximately 25 achievements in the categories of competitions, awards, service, and others,” he said.

In the future, Kharizma admits she wants to participate in scientific and design competitions. “I want to participate in scientific competition activities so that I can channel my ideas about research, and I want to participate in design competitions because I am an architecture student, which can later be included in my work portfolio,” said Kharizma.

Kharizma invited Undip’s young generation not to be afraid to try something because success begins with many experiences and results from many failures. “To begin with, participate in several academic activities, such as being active in class, doing research, which, if the lecturer is interested, you can submit a journal publication or copyright application, and participate in several lecturer projects. “Then, for activities outside of academics, you can participate in organizations, competitions, or community service,” he explained.

Pilmapres is a student competition organized by the National Achievement Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education every year. The aim is to give appreciation to the best students ready to become agents of change to build a better Indonesia, with a focus on Bachelor and Diploma programs.

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