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Rafli (A Graduate of the Faculty of Public Health Undip): YOLO, You Only Live Once, Take Advantage of It!

Muhammad Rafli is a graduate of Diponegoro University (Undip) with a GPA of 3.92 who officially graduated at Undip’s 173rd Graduation Ceremony at the Prof. Soedarto SH Building, Undip Tembalang Campus. Rafli is a graduate of the Faculty of Public Health (FKM), majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Occupational Health and Safety (K3).

A little information regarding K3: FKM Undip has currently established an Occupational Health and Safety (K3) Study Program. For further information, please visit the page https://k3.fkm.undip.ac.id/.

Apart from being active in the academic field, Rafli is also involved in non-academic fields. He is active in organizations, actively participates in various competitions, and hones his skills and adds experience by taking part in internships at companies.

“During semesters 1 and 2, I joined several organizations both outside and on campus. The aim is to train my skills, both soft skills and hard skills, as well as expand my network of relationships overseas. In semesters 3 and 4, I started actively participating in competitions. In the 5th semester onwards, I started to focus on activities related to preparation for the world of work,” explained Rafli.

“While studying at Undip, I really got everything I needed to develop my academic and non-academic skills. The many sources of information and learning resources provided by Undip have enabled me to make the right decisions to improve my quality,” he added.

It was recorded that while he was taking part in the competition, he managed to achieve various achievements, such as getting a Silver Medal at the POSI Indonesian Science Competition in Biology in 2021; Finalist and Best Presenter at the Lombok Essay Competition in 2022; Finalist in the Jember University National Essay Competition (Kompas) in 2022; Best Team in the Mercu Buana University Business Plan competition in 2022; and the 2023 Runner-Up of Outstanding Student (Mawapres) in FKM Undip.

According to Rafli, through education and organization, you can improve your qualities, such as soft skills and hard skills, which will be helpful in the world of work.

“YOLO, You Only Live Once. So, while you’re still at a productive age like this, why not? We try all new positive things in our lives. Regarding the final result, of course, there will be various challenges or failures along the way. But be sure, behind these things, there will be self-development to become strong and resilient,” said Rafli.

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