Undip Alumni Give Scholarship for Students Passed SNMPTN Exam

New students who passed National Selection for State University (SNMPTN) 201 will get alumni scholarship, especially for the  economically disadvantage students. The scholarship is donated by Diponegoro University (Undip) alumni as their careness to new students who have good academical ability but economically disadvantage. It is said by Undip Vice Rector I of Academic and Students Affairs Prof. Zaenuri at Rectorate Hall, Undip Campus, Tembalang, Tuesday (May 8, 2018). The scholarship presentation ceremony was attended by deans, other Undip officials, as well as officials of bank partnered with Alumni Scholarship.

In his speech, Prof. Zaenuri said that this year Undip admit 2,929 new students of 61,531 persons registered by SNMPTN admission test, and admit 836 new students by Bidik Misi program. The problem is a lot of students have good academic ability but they have limited financial as they are from disadvantaged economic family. The budget of Bidik Misi Scholarship is not able to fund other poor-economic students. In other hand, Undip’s budget is also very limited, so that it encourages Undip to do creativity for helping the disadvantaged students. “We tried to do a breakthrough for helping them. Alhamdulillah (thank God), Undip alumni are able to help them by giving scholarship, even it selectively gave only to really needed students,”  the former dean of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences said.

In addition to that, Prof Zaenuri said  the scholarship was give to students who are their parents’ income are less than Regional Minimum Wage, and it will be evaluated every six months by dean to know of academical and economical need whether the student is still worth to obtain the scholarship or it has to give to other more needed student. “We currently give to 7 representatives of new students who studied at Faculty of Engineering, Psychology, Medicine, and Sciences and Mathematic,” Zaenuri said.

As he is interviewed by journalists, Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama said Undip has commitment to help its poor students who are not able to pay tuition fees. Rector even let students to contact his handphone for solving their financial problems to pay tuition fees. “Our commitment is no Undip’s students have to fail their studies on the grounds of financial problems. Undip will help them to solve this problems, such as scholarship, if the students seriously go on their studies,” the former dean of Faculty of Law said.(ND/Humas)

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