Thursday (13/06/2019), Biostatistics and Population Specialization FKM UNDIP has conducted Reproductive Health Seminar in Building E FKM UNDIP with a theme “Reproductive Health Challenges for Millennials”. This activity aims to foster awareness of the importance of reproductive health for the millennial generation. This theme was chosen because of the lack of awareness among teenagers regarding their Reproductive Health and was also expected to be able to increase the provision of knowledge about Reproductive Health.

In this seminar there were several events which were attended by 60 participants from both the Faculty of Public Health and from outside the FKM. The series of events included the opening from Mr. Dr. Budiyono, SKM, M.Kes as dean of FKM UNDIP, Presentation of Materials by Students of the 2019 Biostatistics Specialization with material on child marriage and free sex issue on teenager, and presentation of three core materials of; “Global and Millennial Era Challenges” by Dr. Argyo Demartoto, M.Sc, as a lecturer at FISIP UNS, “Youth Reproduction Health: Between Curiosity and Fear” by Ms. Elisabeth Widyastuti, SKM, M.Kes as a member of the PKBI (Indonesian Family Planning Association), and the presentation of the third material by Dr. Sri Winarni, M.Kes as a lecturer at the UNDIP FKM about “Teen Sexuality: Between Myths and Facts”. This event was interspersed with acoustic entertainment from UNDIP FKM students to refresh the audience.
With this activity, it is hoped that millennials will pay more attention to their reproductive health and avoid sexual diseases. In addition, teenager and students as millennial generation also do not easily believe in the myths circulating in the community regarding sexuality. Information obtained needs to be sought first about the truth by asking from trusted sources, such as teachers, lecturers, parents, or medical personnel.