(18 Februari)

Through the event of KKN Expo, Diponegoro University showed the potentials in the villages so that it could be acknowledged and capitalized by the local government while also known by the public. The Expo itself was held in Nyamplungsari Pemalang Beach on Saturday (16/2) afternoon.

Neila, as the head of KKN Expo stated that the theme of the Expo itself is about Pemalang to be our home and to make it clean, beautiful and stand out. “Besides to show the village potential, this expo was also held as a part of a series of activities which includes jogging, beach cleaning, blood checks and donations, UMKM expo, student expo and also the donation of basic foods.

Vice Rector I of Undip, Prof. M. Zainuri, stated that as many as 385 students have been placed in 5 sub-districts which are Pemalang, Petarukan, Ulujami, Taman and Bodeh.

“Hopefully a lot of knowledge and skills obtained by the community. We also hope that KKN can have a good impact on both the community as well as students. “The Expo held is one of the forms of evaluation of the implementation in the field,” he said.