Up until this date, the industrial sector has not been too involved in scientific development activities initiated by universities even though the concept of science development must integrate all stakeholders. The concept of ABCG (Academicians-Business-Community-Government) must be integrated so that innovations can benefit many parties.

In order to realize the ABCG concept, FPP Undip were attempting to collaborates with Mitsubishi Chemical Foods Corporation from Japan. This collaboration was about discussing the development of food emulsions regarding Sugar Ester Research Collaboration.

During the visit to Undip FPP on Friday, September 29, 2019, Mitsubishi Chemical Foods Corporation were represented by 3 representatives namely Tsutashi Matsuura, Ph.D., Takahiro Mukuda, and Yu Imamura. These representatives consisted of the Group Manager and Assistant Manager who later will be in charge in the research from Mitsubishi Chemical Foods Corporation.

Dr. Ir. Bambang Waluyo H.E.P., M.S., M.Agr. as the Dean of FPP Undip revealed that this collaboration was expected to be a step for FPP Undip to be recognized by the internationals. This collaboration is an effort to make the ability of the lecturers to be recognized by the internationals and can increase the branding of FPP Undip.

Tsutashi Matsuura, Ph.D as the team leader from Mitsubishi Chemical Foods Corporation also admitted that they chose FPP Undip as a partner due to the quality of the research conducted by their lecturers. Matsura also reiterated his desire to be able to collaborate further with FPP Undip.

Thus, with this research collaboration the hope is that it can increase the chance for other companies to collaborate with FPP Undip. FPP Undip, with all available resources, is ready to collaborate for the development of science and community service.