Diponegoro University have launched an Integrated Public Service Program named Halo Undip, on Wednesday (11/13) at the Undip Integrated Services Unit (ULT), Tembalang. Halo Undip is a social media-based integrated public service for information requests, complaints, aspirations, public services, promotions and publications that are managed in an integrated manner by Diponegoro University.

As one of the Public Agencies, Diponegoro University has an obligation to carry out the mandate of the Law on Public Information Openness Number 14 of 2008 as well as carrying out the mandate of Law Number 25 of 2009 concerning Public Services. In order to carry out activities to meet the needs of public information, an improvement of public services in providing space to submit complaints and aspirations based on social media that is fast, easy, simple, efficient, effective and low cost is necessary. The Undip designer designs the public information management, public services and complaints in an integrated manner with the name of the program  “Halo Undip” – One for All Public Services which has the slogan of FASTER which stands for Fast Service Top Respond and is an inseparable part of the Public Relations (PR) activities and the Diponegoro University Integrated Services Unit (ULT).

In his remarks the Vice of Undip Communications and Business Dr. Darsono, S.E., Akt., MBA stated that with Halo Undip, it could facilitate the flow of information. “The one-stop service from Halo Undip is a service and information center, but the physical and substance remains in each service unit so that it is easy to coordinate”.

It is expected that with the presence of HALO UNDIP services, it can increase community participation for the supervision of Undip’s performance program in applying the Tridharma of Higher Education and as a Public Agency. In addition, it is also expected to be able to increase community interaction with Undip in the context of overseeing the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education.

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