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Undip Community Service Students Teach Creating Engaging and Interactive Learning Materials

Pekalongan, Central Java (1/26) – In an effort to improve the quality of learning at the State Elementary School (SDN) 02 Sinangohprendeng, training on instructional media using the Canva application was conducted by the Community Service (KKN) students team from Diponegoro University. This training was attended by the teachers of SDN 02 Sinangohprendeng and facilitated by KKN Undip Team 1 students led by Asy-Syifa Al-A’laAl-A’la, a student of the Informatics Study Program.

This training aimed to introduce teachers to ways of creating engaging and interactive learning materials using the Canva application. With technological advancements, the use of creative instructional media can enhance students’ interest in learning and facilitate understanding of the material.

During the training session, the teachers were provided with an in-depth understanding of the features available in the Canva application, such as creating posters, presentations, infographics, and more. Additionally, they were given examples of effective instructional media implementation using Canva.

One of the training participants, Mrs. Iis, a 2nd-grade teacher at SDN 02 Sinangohprendeng, said, “I am very pleased with this training. The Canva application is easy to use and has various features that can be used to create engaging learning materials for our students.”

In addition to providing direct training, the KKN team also offered support through post-training mentoring to assist teachers in implementing what they had learned in their daily teaching activities.

The instructional media training using the Canva application is expected to be the initial step in transforming learning at SDN 02 Sinangohprendeng towards more interactive and high-quality learning. With the collaboration between KKN students and teachers, learning at this school can further improve and have a positive impact on the development of education in the area.

Author: Asy-Syifa Al-A’la (24060120140088/ Faculty of Science and Mathematics – Informatics)

Field Supervisor: Imam Santoso, S.T., M.T.

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