Semarang – at Prof. Soedharto Building SH Undip campus, Thursday (11/14), Diponegoro University was held an inauguration ceremony of 3 (three) professors from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences namely, Prof. Dr. Ir. Diah Permata Wijayanti, MSc. and Prof. Dr. Denny Nugroho Sugianto, ST., M. Si. and from the Faculty of Economics and Business namely Prof. Faisal, SE, M. Si, Ph.D, CMA, CRP, CERG.

In the inauguration of Prof. Dr. Ir. Diah Permata Wijayanti, she delivered an inaugural speech regarding “CORAL REPRODUCTION STRATEGY FOR PRESERVING THE CORAL REEF ECOSYSTEM”. During her speech Prof. Dr. Ir. Diah Permata Wijayanti sees that many factors are causing the damage to the reef at this time, it becomes an urgent matter to give efforts that can reduce the deteriorating condition of Indonesia’s coral reefs. The existence of reef ecosystems cannot be separated from the dynamics of environmental conditions. One of them is by doing coral cultivation. With the development of various coral cultivation techniques, it is expected that coral cultivation activities can be intensified.

In the presentation regarding “Building Institutional Legitimacy Through Sustainability Accounting and Reporting,” delivered by Prof. Faisal, SE, M. Si, Ph.D, CMA, CRP, CERG, he said that a sustainable accounting is an accounting field originating from the development of financial accounting, cost accounting and management accounting that serves to provide information both financial and non-financial related to performance in aspects economic, environmental and social organization to stakeholders.

For Prof. Dr. Denny Nugroho Sugianto, ST., M. Si., he delivered his inaugural speech on “DIGITAL CALENDAR ROB TECHNOLOGY: DISASTER MITIGATION STRATEGY IN COASTAL AREAS”. According to him, the development of tidal flood digital technology in the form of android-based rob calendars can become an effective alternative solution for people in exposed areas, industrial and service trade activities and local governments to mitigate. The benefits of digital rob calendar technology products can directly be felt by the community such as being able to know when the occurrence of tidal water, how high the tidal wave is, how long the duration of the tides lasts, as well as how the tidal wave level conditions occur.

In his remarks, the Rector of Diponegoro University Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that Undip is currently being flooded by Professors. There were 36 new Professors at Undip. “Professor is the highest position in the academic field and it is hoped that the results of the conducted research can be useful and also to encourage the actualization of superior Indonesian human resources.” (Rosi / Renin / Dzuhria / Nandana)