Expo Pekalongan Ragam Potensi (Explore) was aimed as a platform for region potency development, promotion, and existence from the locals in Pekalongan Regency in the shape of arts, products, and services. It was not only as gratitude from Community Service students to both the locals and the Pekalongan Government but also as an innovation and major product exhibition from Team I Undip Community Service the Year 2020 in Pekalongan. This expo was held on Saturday (8/2) in Gemek Field, Kedungwuni, Pekalongan.

The products shown vary from fermented animal feed, soap from waste, paving blocks from waste and aromatherapy candles. There was also a band and local arts performance, blood donors, and an exhibition of major products from Pekalongan regencies such as Batik, handicrafts, coffee, and many others.

According to the project officer, Zukruf Novandaya, this event was not only as a ceremonial in showing the community service products, but it was also as a platform in developing local potency in arts and economy. “There is not only stands for product innovations and major products of Pekalongan regency but also performances of local arts and bands,” he said.

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