SEMARANG, March 4, 2020, Undip Javanese Arts UKM participated in “The 14th National Folklore Festival” competition held by the Faculty of Economics and Business Student Executive Board of University of Indonesia at the University of Indonesia Student Activity Center, Depok, West Java. This event was held on March 4, 2020.

In this competition the delegation of Undip Javanese Arts UKM Dance Team was represented by:

  • Geysha Mondestya Putri – D3 Accounting (2017)
  • Aulia Nursi Kusumaningtyas – S1 Public Administration (2018)
  • Nabila Dhiya’ Kartikasari – S1 Agribusiness (2018)
  • Fita Ameliya – S1 Urban and Regional Planning Engineering (2018)
  • Diva Aulya Brilianti H. – S1 Urban and Regional Planning Engineering (2019)
  • Azahra Michelia Alba Amaramala – S1 IESP (2019)
  • Anindya Laksmi Larasati – S1 Social Anthropology (2019)

The 14th National Folklore Festival of the University of Indonesia (NFF UI) is a competition that is routinely held by BEM FEB UI every year. This is the first competition participated by Undip Javanese Arts UKM in The 14th NFF UI and have successfully won second place by bringing dugderan dance by Dr. Agus Cahyono, M.Hum. This achievement was presented to Diponegoro University and all parties who have supported the Java Arts UKM Team during the training process. With the results achieved by Undip Javanese Arts UKM, it is hoped that in the future it will continue to excel in other traditional and modern art championships both in dance and music fields.