Smart Classroom is a concept that combines digital technology and education. It can also be called the concept of education with digital methods.

Students learn to use technology in teaching and learning activities.

The implementation of smart classrooms is expected to be a support in increasing absorption in the teaching and learning process. Smart classrooms use all interactive content such as videos or presentations and visually appealing methods in teaching. It attracts students who are struggling with traditional teaching methods in the classroom.

This is because their senses of sight and hearing are involved and it helps them to remember information more quickly and effectively. With this smart classroom, students are given real examples quickly with internet access according to the subject matter. The learning process is generally easier to do through audio visual media.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Agung Wibowo, added that the Smart Class Room is also connected to the multimedia laboratory of the FT Undip computer engineering department. “We give them the responsibility to manage this Smart Class Room, so that later it can also be used as a laboratory,” he added.

On the one hand, in the process of building the Smart Classroom, apart from using budgets from universities and faculties, the party also received partnership funds. One of them was from Bank Jateng.

In his remarks, the Director of BPD Central Java, Edi Setiawan, said that the purpose and objective of BPD in providing this smart classroom assistance is so that it can be implemented properly.

Edi also expressed his gratitude for the good cooperation so far.

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