UNDIP Welcomed New PSDKU Students and the Permata-Sakti Program for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

Diponegoro University inaugurated new students of PSDKU (Study Program Outside the Main Campus) and also held a welcome ceremony for students of the PERMATA-SAKTI Program (Indonesian National Student Exchange Credit Transfer System with Information Technology) on Monday (21/9). The PSDKU New Student Admission Ceremony and PERMATA-SAKTI UNDIP Academic Year 2020/2021 Students Welcoming Ceremony which were held online were attended by the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor, Chair of the Academic Senate, Faculty Deans and their staff.

The ceremony was opened with an introduction from the Chair of the Academic Senate and a report from the Vice Chancellor I. In the 2020/2021 Academic Year, there were 459 new UNDIP PSDKU students consisting of 89 undergraduate students and 370 diploma program students. The new students will later study at the Undip PSDKU Campus which is located in the cities of Pekalongan, Batang, and Rembang. The arrival of new students was also welcomed by the Regent of Pekalongan, the Regent of Batang, and the Regent of Rembang.

Along with the PSDKU new student admission event, Undip sent 47 students of the PERMATA-SAKTI Program to join the PERMATA-SAKTI program at 18 PTNs in the West and East regions. They also welcomed 195 students of the PERMATA-SAKTI program from 24 universities in the West and East regions.

This archipelago-level student exchange program has several objectives: to increase the insight into the nationality and integrity of students throughout Indonesia, to develop leadership abilities and student soft skills with Pancasila characters, to provide opportunities for students to gain learning experience at other universities, and also to improve the quality of education through strengthening comparative advantage of each college.

As a World Class University which is ranked 4th in Indonesia, UNDIP always improves its learning system for the better.

By building the PSDKU campus and joining the PERMATA-SAKTI program, it is hoped that UNDIP students can face globalization with good collaboration and acceleration between students and campus. “Welcome, new students of PSDKU and PERMATA-SAKTI 2020. UNDIP is a national university whose students consist of various ethnic groups and are anti-radicalism. Here, students study not only academically but also non-academically, such as soft skills by joining organization to develop their potential, “said Prof. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum.

He also conveyed the progress of the construction of the UNDIP PSDKU campus. The PSDKU campus will be built in a sustainable manner by adding better facilities and infrastructure. The facilities and infrastructure for the PSDKU Batang and Pekalongan campuses can be improved, while the Rembang PSDKU campus has received assistance from the local government.

Prof. Yos also expressed his gratitude to the Government, especially to regional leaders, the Regent of Batang, Pekalongan and Rembang who supported the PSDKU student learning facilities, hoping that the Undip PSDKU campus can continue to assist the Government in educating the nation and also produce graduates who are reliable and provide benefits to society.

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