Synergy of 3 UNDIP Organs to Create an Excellent University

Semarang – Diponegoro University holds a Forum for Coordination, Synchronization and Harmonization of Three UNDIP Organs as the Excellent PTNBH on Tuesday (6/10/2020). The event is held online by considering that it is still during the pandemic.

Carrying the mandate of the Republic of Indonesia Government Regulation Number 52 of 2015 concerning the UNDIP Statute explains that the Board of Trustees, hereinafter abbreviated as MWA (Majelis Wali Amanat), is an Undip organ that determines, provides considerations for the implementation of general policies, and carries out supervision in the non-academic field. The Rector is an Undip organ that leads the implementation and management of Undip. Meanwhile, the Academic Senate, hereinafter abbreviated as SA (Senat Akademik), is an Undip organ that determines policies, provides considerations, and carries out supervision in the academic field. In its implementation, the three organs, namely MWA, Rector and SA work hand in hand to compile the Undip Statute to design and compile regulations in managing higher education institutions, Diponegoro University campus.

As a Legal Entity College (PTNBH), Diponegoro University has the authority to manage both academic and non-academic fields. Authority in managing finances, opening new study programs and other policies to improve performance and achievement.

Having a vision to become an excellent research university, Undip has missions such as:

  • organizing higher education which produces excellent and competitive graduates;
  • conducting research that produces effective and efficient publications, intellectual property rights, books, policies, and technology by prioritizing local culture and resources;
  • carrying out community service that can produce effective and efficient publications, intellectual property rights, books, policies, and technology by prioritizing local culture and resources; and
  • organizing higher education governance that is efficient, accountable, transparent, and just.

As efforts to make an excellent research university, Undip strives to achieve its goals, which are:

  • producing graduates who have academic and / or professional abilities, interpersonal skills and an entrepreneurial spirit so that they can develop and apply science and technology;
  • developing, transforming and disseminating science and technology through research activities, making scientific / technological works, and endeavoring to use them to support national development;
  • implementing science and technology research results to improve the standard of living of the community and the progress of the nation; and
  • developing professionalism, capability and accountability in good university governance, as well as independence in higher education administration.

In his remarks, UNDIP Rector Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum. said that Undip’s ranks and achievements which are always in the top 10 are form of synergy and collaboration of 3 main organs, namely the Rector along with the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees. “UNDIP ranking and accreditation of study programs are what make Undip as favorite university”, said Prof. Yos.

While the Chair of the UNDIP Academic Senate Prof. Dr. Ir. Sunarso, MS in his presentation explained about the authority, work area and products produced by 3 UNDIP organs that support the realization of UNDIP into an excellent university. “Collaboration and solid cooperation from 3 organs make all activities coordinated to achieve the goals, achievements and performance that have an impact on welfare”, said Prof. Narso.

The Chair of the UNDIP Board of Trustees Prof. Muliaman Dharmansyah Hadad, SE., MPA, Ph.D. appreciates the 3 organ UNDIP which aims to synergize and to unite the perception to create excellent university to be world’s 500 best universities. “To become an excellent university and enter the top 500 best universities in the world, 3 pillars need to be built, namely maintaining customer satisfaction, building internal and external communication, and the main thing is developing good governance”, explained Prof. Muliaman who is also the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland. “It is hoped that the synergy and harmonization of the 3 UNDIP organs are in accordance with their respective authorities and work areas. It is regarding to PP RI Number 52 of 2015 concerning UNDIP Statute, which is making UNDIP as excellent university and ranking the top 500 best universities in the world,” he concluded.