Semarang (9/10) – Today, two prospective professors from Diponegoro University will present their research results in a meeting held by the Academic Senate. The meeting which takes place in the Undip Academic Senate Meeting Room is attended by the Chairperson, Deputy, and Secretary of the Academic Senate, along with the Board of Professors. The Plenary Meeting of the Senate Academic Professors’ Board starts at 09:00 AM and is streamed live via the Microsoft Teams application.

The first presentation started by Dr. Drs. Ngatno, M.M. with the research title “The Essence, Paradigm, and Model of the Responsive and Proactive Market Orientation of SMEs in Indonesia”. According to the Top 10 Asia Pacific’s Most Competitive Countries 2019, Indonesia is ranked 23rd as a country with dynamic economic growth. This is influenced by the development of SMEs in Indonesia which contribute greatly to the economy and the country. The existence of SMEs absorbs a lot of labor so that it reduces unemployment, but it still has shortcomings in the marketing sector. Market orientation analysis is needed to increase innovation, competitiveness and company performance.

Nowadays the market orientation has changed from a responsive to proactive market orientation. A proactive market orientation produces exploratory innovations. The occurrence of this pandemic has caused a shift in market orientation, so it is necessary to reconceptualize the new market orientation into a digital marketing orientation by adjusting the current communication technology. This e-marketing orientation model consists of a philosophical dimension, an initiation dimension, an adaptation dimension, and an implementation dimension. This Undip FISIP lecturer concludes three solutions, including for SMEs to improve market orientation in order to increase competitive advantage, for the government to increase training in collaboration with market place companies, and for researchers to study market orientation in Indonesia.

The event is continued with a presentation entitled “Living Heritage Approach Towards Sustainability of Islamic Cities on the North Coast of Java” by Dr. Ir. Atik Suprapti, MTA. This Undip Faculty of Engineering lecturer examines living heritage (inheritance that reflects the existence of original life) whose cultural values are increasingly eroded over time. She conducts research in several cities in the northern coastal region of Java which have Islamic religious cultural heritage. These cities have something in common, namely the “Catur Sagatra” pattern including the palace, the square, the mosque, the market and the surrounding settlements.

Javanese Islamic urban spatial planning, the dominant role of “pesantren-kyai-mosques”, as well as people’s economic activities near markets and squares are the effects of living heritage. Cities with Islamic heritage in addition to being settlements also function as spiritual tourism objects. Historical artifacts and architectural heritage must be preserved, with the use of IT for the sustainability of living heritage. Collaboration from building owners, the YM3SK foundation, academics, the private sector, wood craftsmen, and the government for sustainable conservation.

Undip welcomes the increase in the number of prospective professors. The Head of the Academic Senate said that Undip was trying to achieve the target of 25 professors this year. At today’s meeting are the 17th and 18th Undip professor candidates. “Hopefully it is in accordance with the aspirations and hopefully it achieves the target”, concluded Prof. Dr. Ir. Sunarso, M.S.

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