Cooperation for the development of coastal areas in Central Java was agreed upon by the Center for ICZM Undip and the Central Java Provincial Government in a meeting held on Monday, September 21st  2020. This meeting was chaired by Dr. Aris Ismanto as the Chairperson of Center for ICZM, and was attended by the Center for ICZM Undip team and representatives from the Public Works Office for Water Resources and Spatial Planning (PUSDATARU), Central Java.
The result of this activity is a cooperation agreement in which the Center for ICZM Undip will lead the preparation of the Brebes Regency master plan in 2021. Hopefully in the future, the Center for ICZM Undip can participate in compiling master plans in all districts and cities along the north coast of Central Java so that the management of the north coast Central Java can be integrated.
In the master plan document that will be prepared later, it has been agreed that the elements that must be explained are the planning area from upstream to downstream, involving multi-stake holders, describing physical analysis which includes environmental carrying capacity, as well as non-physical analysis covering ecological, social economic, cultural, political, legal and institutional.
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