Diponegoro University Student Flats (Rumah Susun Mahasiswa / Rusunawa) is one of the facilities provided by Diponegoro University for students who meet the applicable regulations. Diponegoro University annually accepts new students from various regions even from abroad.

According to Ki Hajar Dewantara, there are three education centers, namely: family, school and community. Rusunawa Undip can represent two educational centers, namely: family and community. Life in Rusunawa is seen as family life, which there are interactions between residents as well as interactions among relatives, while the interactions between residents and Rusunawa managers is a form of interactions between children and parents. Rusunawa residents come from various regions or countries with different cultures and characteristics, and the heterogeneity in interactions of life becomes a picture of social life.

Lalaina Tienh Andriamampionona is one of the overseas students from Madagascar who lives in Rusunawa Undip and is currently completing Social Science Doctoral Program in Undip with a concentration in Political Science. Through interview on Tuesday (23/3), the student who is familiarly called Laina told her experience living in a Rusunawa and her busy life studying at Undip.

“When I first came to Undip in 2016, at that time I did not speak Indonesian at all and was still very confused, but it turned out that Indonesian friends who are residents of Rusunawa Undip are very friendly. They often greet me, and in the end I get close to them. I am invited to take a walk in Undip campus and even introduced to several places in Semarang City. Those activities feel comfortable and give me more friends,” she said.

“For me, Rusunawa and Undip are places that I will always remember. Previously I participated in Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship Program, even though at that time I had the opportunity to choose another university, but my heart was immediately attracted to Undip, then I looked for information. Regarding Undip’s profile on the internet, from there my desire is getting bigger to choose Undip as my study choice,” she continued.

According to Laina, Rusunawa Undip as her home during her stay in Indonesia, has provided the best service, secured security, a conducive place to study, and the managers are attentive as well as having sense of care for residents. “During this pandemic we did not have many activities in Rusunawa, so we could focus more on studying and doing class assignments,” said the student who is good at playing the guitar. She hopes that in the future, the facilities and activities of Undip students in Rusunawa will be improved so that students will be more comfortable.

“Undip is an important part of my life, where I really open my eyes to the real life, not only from an academic perspective but life experience when I am far from my home country,” she explained. “I hope that we as the young generation must know what the vision of life is, do not waste opportunities and be wise in living our lives, one of which is by having a target. We should begin to organize ourselves by finding out the field of our talents, so that it does not make us the generation who only follow trends. Finding our talents also made us to be enthusiastic in facing all challenges,” she said.

“In an effort to support Undip towards a World Class University, students should develop their ability to communicate in English, one of the effort is by creating communities to learn English or sharing various ideas to develop knowledge,” she concluded. (Linda-Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Humas)