SEMARANG – Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Mathematics Diponegoro University (UNDIP) has 3 professors who strengthen the academic qualifications of the study programs they manage. The three professors are Prof. Dr. Tri Retnaningsih Soeprobowati, M.App.Sc. with expertise in Environmental Biology; Prof. Dr. Hermin Pancasakti Kusumaningrum-Ssi.M.Si. with expertise in Biology-Biotechnology expertise; and Prof. Dr. Dra. Endah Dwi Hastuti, M.Si. with expertise in Environmental Biology.

Currently Department of Biology Faculty of Science and Mathematics Undip, which manages 3 study programs, namely Biology Undergraduate Study Program, Biotechnology Undergraduate Study Program and Biology Master Study Program, has 47 lecturers and 7 educational staffs. Of the 47 existing lecturers, three of them are already professors, while most of the other lecturers have already obtained doctoral degree. Even if there are those who still in master degree, they are surely in preparation or in the middle of further study.

Head of Department of Biology Faculty of Science and Mathematics Undip, Prof. Dr. Dra. Endah Dwi Hastuti, M.Si, said that she is grateful by the existence of 3 professors in the department she leads. There is still a wish to increase the number of professors to the ideal composition. “We should be grateful, and we certainly hope that the number will continue to grow in the future,” said Prof. Endah, on Tuesday (20/4/2021).

However, the presence of professors in higher education institutions is one of the important pillars to support higher education excellence. Its existence is expected to encourage innovation, research and publication of scientific papers which have an impact factor on the reputation of an institution and have a major impact on human life. In the current context, the existence of professors is also needed to improve Undip’s performance as a world class university.

The certain thing is of the two levels of education held, both undergraduate and postgraduate programs managed by Biology Department, the accreditation is already “A” or very good. To improve their quality and qualifications, around 10 lecturers who have not yet obtained a doctoral certificate are encouraged to finish their studies immediately. Meanwhile, lecturers with doctoral degrees are encouraged to do more research and scientific publications so that they can become professors soon.

The history of Biology Department at Undip itself began in 1975. This unit was born as an effort to consolidate biology from various Biology-based faculties, such as Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Animal Sciences and Fisheries. Initially, the role of Department of Biology was specifically as teaching facilitator and practicum in Biology field in Biology-based faculties.

Further development, Department of Biology developed into an embryo of Department of Biology at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Undip. When that faculty was established in 1987, there were 3 departments available, namely Biology Department, Chemistry Department, and Physics Department. Department of Mathematics at that time was structurally still under Faculty of Engineering. After the issuance of Diponegoro University Rector’s Decree No.63/SK/PT09/1988, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Undip directly manages four study programs, namely Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No.0369/O/1993 strengthened the legality of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Undip.

The organization of Department of Biology is increasingly developing with the issuance of Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education No.818/D/T/2009 dated May 27th 2009 which validated the opening of Biology Master Study Program at Undip. Now, Department of Biology Undip coordinates 3 Study Programs, namely: Biology Undergraduate Study Program, Biotechnology Undergraduate Study Program and Biology Master Program. (PR team)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)