20 Participants from Overseas Take the Online Exam

Semarang – Thursday (6/24/2021) is the fourth day of Online Independent Exam of Prospective Undergraduate Students held by Diponegoro University. This is the first online exam held on this year. Previously, the selection of Independent Exam path used report cards and portfolios.

The online exam will be held for 10 days starting on June 21st – July 2nd 2021. From the observation from the first day to the fourth day, the exam went smoothly and orderly. In one exam session, there are approximately 1000 participants. Interestingly, the participants do not only come from within the country. There are also participants who come from abroad. They take online exams from each country they currently live.

Here are 20 participants who take Online Independent Exam of Prospective Undergraduate Students from abroad:

  1. 2 people from Holland
  2. 2 people from Japan
  3. 7 people from Malaysia
  4. 1 person from Myanmar
  5. 3 people from Qatar
  6. 1 person from United Arab Emirates
  7. 1 person from South Africa
  8. 2 people from United States
  9. 1 person from Turkey

In its implementation, this year’s Online Independent Exam of Prospective Undergraduate Students uses the CAT (Computer Assisted Test) application designed by Diponegoro University IT team under the direction of Vice Rector III for Communication and Business Undip Dwi Cahyo Utomo, SE., MA., Ph.D. The participants can take the exam from their respective domiciles, including participants from abroad who can take the online exams from their respective countries. The examination is closely monitored by supervisors and participants must follow the rules as below:

  1. Turning on the camera during the exam
  2. Not leaving Zoom application during exam
  3. Prohibition of jockeying, dishonest acts, and committing other frauds
  4. Doing exam questions based on time allocation
  5. Making sure the wifi network or internet quota is sufficient for taking the online exam

Online Independent Exam of Prospective Undergraduate Students will last for 10 days. Every day there are 3 exam sessions and supervised online by supervisors considering it is still a pandemic. One supervisor is in charge of supervising 20 examinees. The online exam is closely monitored by officers, so participants are required to turn on the video to be monitored by supervisors.

Dwi ensured that the IT team is ready to support the implementation of the online exam. The IT team has been prepared to anticipate technical problems. A strong network and an integrated and well-managed system make online test takers from abroad able to take the exam smoothly. (Utami-PR)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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