SEMARANG – Thematic Community Service Team 2021 of Diponegoro University (UNDIP) will carry out community service as a form of implementation of Tri Dharma of Higher Education. One of the teams carry out their activities in Jubelan Village, Sumowono District, Semarang Regency for 42 days, from September 24th 2021 until November 5th 2021.
Thematic Community Service Team of UNDIP in Jubelan Village raised the theme “Improvement of Post-Harvest Handling Technology and Management Improvement in Coffee Craftsmen”.
This team was welcomed by the Head of Jubelan Village, Sumowono District, Semarang Regency, namely Gunawan Catur Nugroho, at the Jubelan Village Hall on September 24th 2021. The acceptance ceremony was attended by representatives of Undip Service Center of Community Service (Pusat Pelayanan Kuliah Kerja Nyata / P2KKN), field supervisors, as well as all Undip students participating in Thematic Community Service Team.
The Head of Jubelan Village warmly welcomed the presence of Undip’s team. He and the community hope that Thematic Community Service Team of Undip can provide positive impacts and benefits while carrying out their tasks in Jubelan Village. He also advised the team to always comply with health protocols during activities in the community.
Thematic Community Service Team of Undip was accompanied by field supervisors, Dr. Adi Nugroho M.Si and Ir. Sulistyo, MT, PhD. Dr. Adi Nugroho advised to always obey health protocols and maintain the good name of the Diponegoro University while carrying out community service activities in Jubelan Village. The event ended with the pinning of alma mater coats to student representatives by the Head Jubelan Village as a symbol of acceptance of the team to the village.
Thematic Community Service Team 2021 of Undip in Jubelan Village consists of 10 people, namely Muhammad Rizky Yuliyanto and Zulfatussa’adah from Faculty of Science and Mathematics; Mohammad Bryan Regie Pratama and Wawan Ditia Rachman from Faculty of Engineering; Niken Pratiwi, Elly Luthfiyanti, and Anindya Nola Prameswari from Faculty Animal and Agricultural Sciences; Sri Felia Kurniati from Faculty of Economics and Business; Salsabila Indira Saraswati from Faculty of Public Health; and Natalia Nanda Eka Dewi from Faculty of Law.
The Team Coordinator, Muhammad Rizky, said that the theme was chosen because Sumowono Village is one of the coffee producers in Central Java. On the other hand, this village has many residents who work in this sector. Thus the team initiates to help the local community in improving the technology for handling post-harvest coffee and improving the management of coffee craftsmen. The goal is to improve the local economy. (PR team)
Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)