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UNDIP DART Team Won 3rd Place in LKTI at 2021 Renewable Energy Summit

The students of Diponegoro University (UNDIP) once again have made a great achievement. This academic achievement, which is in line with Undip’s vision, was presented by Anung Riyanti (student of International Relations class of 2018), Muhammad Alfarizzi Salvikran (student of Naval Architecture Engineering class of 2018), and Bangun Damar Tyasto (student of Naval Architecture Engineering class of 2018) who are members of the DART Team.

After competing with several student teams from all over Indonesia, the Diponegoro University DART Team managed to occupy 3rd Place in the Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) at the 2021 Renewable Energy Summit (Resummit) activity held by UPN Veteran Yogyakarta on Saturday (11/12/2021).

The theme of this Scientific Writing Competition is related to thoughts, innovations, ideas in the development and utilization of new and renewable energy for all aspects of the life of the Indonesian people. The theme of the LKTI at the 2021 Renewable Energy Summit is “Optimizing Innovation and Utilization of Renewable Energy for a Better Future”.

Representing the DART team, Anung Riyanti revealed that the preparations for the 2021 Renewable Energy Summit (Resummit) were quite short. “The preparation of the DART team was quite short because our members, Damar and Vikran, have completed their comprehensive tests and I am working on my thesis. However, we already have a Grand Concept which would be used as an idea in this competition. We met several times to discuss our ideas while registering and submitting abstracts,” said Anung.

“In this competition we won 3rd place, in fact it can be said that there was a decrease in performance from the previous competition. So it can be considered that we are quite disappointed, but it is comparable to our efforts, which may not be optimal,” he continued.

Participating in this online competition, the Diponegoro University DART Team raised the theme “Utilizing Ocean Wave with URVIL Submerged Buoy as a Power Plant and Water Quality Meter in Natuna Regency”. This research is based on a case study at Station 2, Tiga Island, Natuna Regency.

URVIL itself is a sea wave power plant equipped with a water quality meter. URVIL supports the fisheries sector in Natuna by providing seawater quality measurement tools whose data is distributed to the relevant agencies. There are several details regarding URVIL, namely:

  1. Submerged Pressure Differential Type
  2. The mast device is equipped with a pump and generator
  3. Buoy device material using polyethylene
  4. Buoy is equipped with a water quality meter

In addition, URVIL also has several advantages such as easy maintenance, the polyethylene material used is environmentally friendly, does not cause waste when operating, is equipped with a seawater quality detection device that supports the fisheries sector in the MPA area, and generates large amounts of electricity.

In 2021, the electricity condition on Tiga Island will experience a 250 kW deficit. With the existence of URVIL, it can help as much as 21.4% of the electricity deficit needs. URVIL is also equipped with a water quality meter that can detect sea water quality through physical parameters.

The 2021 Renewable Energy Summit competition is one of the largest annual events on a national scale organized by SRE UPN Veteran Yogyakarta and supported by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia. This event is a series of activities involving students throughout Indonesia regarding the development of new and renewable energy.

Furthermore, the DART team plans to take part in a similar competition with a theme related to clean and renewable energy. “We will participate in at least one more similar competition with a theme related to clean and renewable energy, because we also want to do further research in that field according to our respective studies,” concluded Anung. (Dhany – Public Relations)

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