In order to improve the understanding of education staff regarding Occupational Safety and Health (K3), the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) for Safety, Occupational Health and Environment (K3L) together with the Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) held a Fire Drill for Class D Fire Officers. The training was held from Wednesday (16/03) to Friday (18/03) in the yard of the UPT K3L (TPST) Office and the Meeting Room of the Diponegoro University (Undip) 1st Floor Library Building.

The committee of this training also invited the Solo Raya Labor Inspection Unit (Satwasker), a team of experts in the field of fire and practitioners from PT SKN, the Ministry of Manpower and K3 experts/specialists in the field of fire. There are 30 training participants from all units within the Undip campus.

The training materials provided for 3 days to the participants included the basics of K3, supervisory system and norms of K3 Fire Management, fire management decision making, identification of potential fire hazards.

The training proceeded with explanation of materials on fire theory and fire anatomy I, principles of fire prevention and extinguishing techniques, introduction to fire protection systems (passive protection systems and active protection systems), and fire emergency procedures.

Furthermore, on the last day of the training, an evaluation was held where participants were taking a written test. Then the participants practiced directly in extinguishing the fire using wet burlap sacks and using the APAR (Light Fire Extinguisher) in the yard of the UPT K3L (TPST) Office of Undip Tembalang campus.

Head of UPT K3L Undip, Bina Kurniawan, S.KM., M.Kes., hoped that after this training the participants can increase their awareness of occupational safety and health so as to create a safe and comfortable Undip campus environment.

“Alhamdulillah, the training is finished and all participants have passed the test. We hope that after following this certification,, we can provide guarantees and facilities so that the Undip campus is safe, free from so-called fire hazards. The first activity is to identify the possibility of fire. If it appears, extinguish it,” he said.

Bina advised that every participant who has passed this training can immediately check the readiness of the safety facilities in their respective work units. “From now on, when you return to your respective faculties, you have to check the APAR’s height, whether it is in accordance with the provisions or not. I did a survey yesterday at a faculty and found that the fire extinguisher was too high,” he explained.

“Hopefully, after participating in this training, our fellow officers will start to identify it. Insyaallah, we will meet again sometime. Let’s try to arrange a program called Self Assessment, where we first assess our own environment, we check whether we have been maintaining our APAR all this time,” continued Bina.

Similar training had previously been held by UPT K3L Undip. A number of security officers at the Undip Headquarters have participated in fire drill and the training will be continued to be held to all faculties in the Undip campus.

Furthermore, Bina would like to thank all parties who have assisted in the implementation of this training. “Thank you to BPSDM friends who have helped us, friends from UPT K3L Undip, and all participants. Hopefully the insight will be useful and all of us can work comfortably. Our job is to guarantee that all the people who work here are comfortable and safe,” he concluded.

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