As a real action to care for the environment, a number of alumni of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) Diponegoro University (UNDIP) who have entered retirement and are members of the Gruper (Wredatama Alumni of Fisheries Undip) initiated the distribution of fish seeds. Symbolically, the spread of carp, tawes, nilem and grass carp fish seeds was carried out by the Undip Vice Rector for Innovation and Cooperation, the Dean of FPIK, Gruper members, community leaders who care about the environment and representatives of FPIK students, on Tuesday morning (21/03/2022) at the river waters in the area of Undip jogging track, Tembalang, Semarang.

The freshwater fish were chosen because the environment in which they live is in rivers and tributaries. They like stagnant water and the migration of this type of fish is not too far, so it is very suitable for the purpose of maintaining the aquatic ecosystem in the Diponegoro University environment.

“We don’t just care for fish, we also contribute to regulating the aquatic ecosystem around us. We monitor water quality, so that we know the level of health of the surrounding environment,” explained Ir. Widodo Farid Ma’ruf, M.Sc., Ph.D. as Chair of Gruper in reporting details of activity.

Likewise, the Vice Rector for Innovation and Cooperation, Prof. Ir. Ambariyanto conveyed a message to the invitees to do good for the environment considering that the environment has provided many benefits for human life.

“If we do good to the environment, the environment will also be good to us. Our debt to nature if we calculate it is truly extraordinary. We may not even be able to pay our debt to nature which has given so many benefits to our lives. Nature’s request to us is simple, we are asked not to destroy it,” explained Prof. Ambar.

The fish seed distribution activity is part of building a system on the Undip campus so that it can provide added value to the surrounding environment, as well as an effort to play an active role in protecting the environment. [Ninok Hariyani]