Last Day of the First Batch of 2022 UTBK-SBMPTN at UNDIP

The 2022 UTBK-SBMPTN Batch I has ended today, Monday (23/5/2022). Meanwhile, the implementation of the Batch II will be held from May 28 to June 3, 2022.

On the sixth day (22/5) as the last day of the UTBK-SBMPTN which was held at Undip, overall it went well and safely. The committee and the participants complied with health protocols and there were no technical problems. All of this cannot be separated from the preparations that Undip has carried out prior to implementation, including checking the availability of rooms, computers, infrastructure including health care, as well as the readiness of the supervisory team, room guards and health workers.

After the exam ended, many participants asked each other about the schedule for the announcement of the selection results. The announcement of the 2022 UTBK SBMPTN will be announced on June 23, 2022 and the download period for the UTBK certificate is June 25 – July 31, 2022.

UTBK participants who have registered must have an LTPMT account that is used to access announcements. Later, participants can check the results of the UTBK for the 2022 SBMPTN through the LTPMT official website at pengumuman-sbmptn.ac.id. (Lin – Public Relations)

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