Families who are responsible for the life, future, education, and health of future generations are the main pillars for creating a prosperous society. The smaller number of family members allows parents to invest more in each child. In addition, the growth and development of babies and children will be more secure because they get enough attention and affection from their parents.

In the commemoration of World Population Day, PKRS RSND raised the theme “Create Prosperous Families with Family Planning” in the Healthy Life Talk Show which was held on Thursday, July 14, 2022 with inviting resource person, dr. Yuli Trisetiyono, Sp.OG(K).

In this Healthy Life Talk Show, it was explained that family planning is not only about contraception, but also about designing the number of children in the family so as to make the family more prosperous. The World Health Organization or as we are known as WHO recommends that if a couple wants to have more than one child, then the pregnancy gap must be at least two years and a maximum of five years.

“The most familiar method in family planning programs is contraception. Family planning programs in Indonesia have been started since 1970. The development of family planning programs in Indonesia has begun to develop, people are starting to become aware of family planning. Most people began to limit themselves to having many children. However, some people are still afraid to do it. Actually, the main goal of this family planning program is to reduce maternal and infant mortality, because this indicator is one of the nation’s progress.” dr. Yuli explained.

Regarding contraceptive methods, dr. Yuli said there are several types. “Natural contraceptive methods, such as periodic abstinence. Mechanical methods can be used such as using condoms. High mechanical methods such as implants and IUD. Regarding the tempo, these contraceptive methods have their respective duration, there are short-term and long-term methods.” he explained.

dr. Yuli also explained about the advantages and disadvantages of contraceptive methods. For natural methods, the advantage is it can be done without any tools so that people are more comfortable. However the disadvantage of this method is that it has a high risk of failure. The contraceptive pill method has the advantage that it has high effectiveness and makes the menstruation cycle become regular, but the patient must take it regularly because if it is missed it will fail. For the IUD method, the advantage lies in feeling safer because it is non-hormonal or does not involve the use of hormones but has the potential for infection because it uses a device that is inserted into the body.

“KB is useful for creating a prosperous family. With fewer family members, parents can pay more attention to their children. Too many children and or too close the distance between the birth of children will be a separate risk for pregnancy because repeated pregnancy will cause a thin uterus so easy to bleed. During a pandemic like today, families with many members have the potential to pose more threats. Especially if you are exposed to Covid-19 while pregnant, this can increase the risk of severity and be dangerous for the fetus you are carrying.” said dr. Yuli.

In the end, dr. Yuli advised that we together increase public awareness regarding family planning. Every year, there are 4 million babies born in Indonesia which we should be able to control the birth rate together. “Since the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended, pregnant women must be more careful. With this pandemic condition, there are still many families who are affected economically and socially, so a family planning program can be useful to stabilize the family’s economic side.” the message.

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