The 6th semester student of Geological Engineering, Ilham Muhammad and student of Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architectural Design, Vocational School Class of 2019, Nazilatul Hidayah took part in the online selection of Outstanding Students for Regional VI, on Tuesday (19/7) and Wednesday (20/7).

Pilmapres or Selection of Outstanding Students is an annual student competition organized by the National Achievement Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The Regional VI Pilmapres selection was attended by 63 undergraduate students and vocational schools from universities in Central Java, including Undip.

Ilham Muhammad, Undip Geological Engineering student presented his creative ideas in the Regional VI Pilmapres selection, namely Coastal Hero, an innovation of a dynamic embankment design where the height can be adjusted and there is an early warning system. The implementation of this innovation is in Tanjung Mas Village, Semarang, because for 30 years Tanjung Mas Village has had tidal flood problems that have not been resolved. Therefore, he offered his idea as an effort to overcome the tidal flood that hit Tanjung Mas Village.

This Geological Engineering student expressed his hope for the Coastal Hero creative idea that he initiated. “More than 87% of Tanjung Mas Village residents have lost their livelihoods due to tidal flooding. Not only that, many industrial activities, especially at PT Pelindo and so on, have failed and suffered losses. Therefore, I really hope that this effort will have a multiplier effect on social, economic, and environmental aspects.” he said when interviewed by the Undip Public Relations team, on Tuesday (19/7).

Besides Ilham Muhammad, Undip has one other outstanding student, namely Nazila Hidayah, a student of Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architectural Design of Vocational School. If Ilham sparked his creative ideas, this Vocational School student made an innovative product, namely Sandwich Panel.

Sandwich Panel is a building material structure made of three layers of materials, namely a low density core, and a thin layer of skin which is more dense and sturdy. Sandwich Panels are used in building material applications that require a combination of strong but low weight structures. However, the uniqueness of the innovative product idea initiated by Nazilah is the raw material for making Sandwich Panels using waste from styrofoam and rice fiber.

During the preparation for thehum presidential election, Nazilah conveyed the challenges she faced. “There have been changes in time and schedule so that we have to prepare ourselves for all possibilities that occur because that is the point where we can be ready until the selection day,” she said. (Afifah – Public Relations)

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