Ni Putu Adeyani (SV UNDIP Graduate): Education and Organization are Like Doors and Keys that are Interrelated

“Getting an education at Diponegoro University made me realize that privilege without effort means everything will be in vain. Being an Undip student is one of the best privileges I’ve ever had, because Undip is a big campus that always supports every work and achievement of its students. I have experienced it myself, how Undip supports my efforts and hard work so that I can hold the title of 3rd Winner of National Outstanding Student. I am aware that without the help and support of Undip I would never have achieved this title, for that I thank you very much my beloved alma mater,” said Ni Putu Adeyani, Undip’s graduate of Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology of Undip Vocational School who will be officially inaugurated at the Undip 167th Graduation Ceremony.

“Besides studying, I also participated in organization. My organizational career includes being secretary at UKM KMHD Undip and the Head of PSDM HMTRKI. In addition to expanding my knowledge and experience, I participate in competitions, research, training, certification and develop a start-up business called Ciozem Company. I also build a platform called @trustmeid_ which discusses issues regarding self-improvement, sex-education and mental health,” said the student who graduated with a GPA of 3.85.

She became winners on many competitions included 3rd Place National Outstanding Students of Diploma Program (Puspresnas); 2nd Place Essay Competition (Kopri PMII UINSA), 3rd Place Essay Competition (Accounting Fair-UNISNU), Funding Awardee of 100 Young Entrepreneurs Program (Vocational School, UNDIP); Funding Awardee of the Vocational Wuda Entrepreneurship Program (Directorate General of Vocational Education); 1st Place Chemical Engineering Essay Competition (Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang); Funding Awardee of PKM-Exact Research (Directorate General of Higher Education) [2019]; 1st Place Dharma Wacana Speech Competition (UDG VI-Telkom University); and 1st Place Dharma Wacana Speech Competition (KSATRIA-UNY).

“Organization is important to increase relationships and hone soft skills that will make it easier to enter the world of work. However, one thing that is sometimes forgotten is that we are often too focused on organizing that we forget our obligations as students, namely studying. So, I mention education and organization as a door and a key, both of which are interrelated and must have a balanced portion. Organizations are doors of information that we can use as gates to enter the world of work but to open them we need the key, namely education, knowledge and good values so that we can open the door and work in it. The view of the world will be too narrow if it is only on campus and study, but it will also be useless if our world is only concerned with worldly things without knowledge,” concluded Adeyani. (Lin – Public Relations)

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