The New Student Admission Ceremony of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University, was marked by the excitement of releasing balloons and pigeons, which was held as well as in opening of the Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB), on Monday (15/8) in the yard of FISIP Undip building, Tembalang.

In his speech, Dr. Hardi Warsono, MTP. as the Dean of FISIP warmly welcomed the new students and said that the new students must have high spirits, considering that they are the chosen people. He also introduced the ranks of the Deputy Deans of FISIP, Head of Departments, Chair and Secretary of Study Programs, Lecturers and educators as well as parties who fully contribute to the academic process at FISIP Undip.

Dr. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol.Admin., Deputy Dean for Academic and Student Affairs reported the number of new students from FISIP for Postgraduate Students (S2 and S3). There are 8 people from Doctoral of Public Administration, 11 people from Doctoral of Social Sciences , 5 people from Master of Political Science, 10 people from Master of Public Administration, 35 people from Master of Communication Sciences, and 12 people from Master of Business Administration. Meanwhile, for Undergraduate Study Programs, there are 221 people from S1 Public Administration, 219 people S1 Governance Science, 221 people from S1 Communication Science, 225 people from S1 Business Administration, and 165 people from S1 International Relations.

“The material provided in the PKKMB includes National Insight and State Defense, Mental Revolution, Higher Education System and Independent Learning in Independent Campus, Student Creativity Program and Student Achievement, Online Lectures, SIAP Undip, Library Access, Academic Regulations, Revolution 4.0 and Post C-19, Environment and Disaster Management, Ethical Culture & Scholarship, and Student Organization. Educational materials include Self and Group Branding, Potential of God’s Creatures, Ethics, Knowing and Understanding My Generation, Self Card, Emotion Regulation, Discipline, Honest and Fair, Character Leadership, Social Concern, Undip Complete, Us and Pancasila, Harmony, and Declaration Of Excellent,” explained Deputy Dean I. (Lin – Public Relations)

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