The economic welfare of the community is an important point that needs to be considered in the development of a region. One of the steps in improving welfare is the management of tourist villages. This is in line with Central Java Provincial Regulation Number 2 of 2019 concerning Empowerment of Tourism Villages in Central Java Province. The regulation is “that tourism villages have an important role in promoting community welfare, equalizing business opportunities and employment opportunities, optimizing economic potential and regional characteristics, as well as promoting and protecting cultural values, religion, customs, and preserving nature.”

Based on the regulation above, the development of a tourism village in Semarang Regency is echoed, precisely in Glawan Village, Pabelan District. This is in conjunction with the Community Service Program of Diponegoro University in 2022. In this realization process, the students of Team II Undip Community Service Program at Glawan Village participated in the process of realizing a tourism village starting from the formation of the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) to further planning. This coaching is carried out within a period of 45 days starting on Tuesday (05/07/2022).

Of all the designs that have been made, the first step taken is the holding of the Glawan Village Pokdarwis Formation Meeting on Sunday (14/07). The Pokdarwis Establishment Meeting was attended by several parties including the Head of Glawan Village and his staff, the Village Consultative Board, and also the local community.

The discussion began with socialization and explanations from the students of Team II Undip Community Service regarding the definition of a tourism village, Pokdarwis, as well as the results of the identification of the area and prospective potential possessed by Glawan Village. Potential identification is grouped based on the zoning of the four different sub-village, namely Krajan Sub-Village, Wonogaten Sub-Village, Semare Sub-Village, and Randusari Sub-Village. At the end of the discussion which lasted for approximately 4 hours, the final decision was made, namely the organizational structure of the Pokdarwis consisting of the Daily Management Board (BPH) and 5 sections chaired by the Head of Krajan Sub-Village, Kudarso.

“Of course I can’t work alone. We must work together to realize a tourism village in Glawan Village. We also have to be together, wani getih, so that everything can be achieved,” said Kudarso at the end of the discussion. (Annisaa’ Salas)

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