UNDIP Facilitates Students with Campus Bus

Semarang-Central Java (12/10). Diponegoro University always embodies the values of Prince Diponegoro’s journey, one of which is caring. This concern is manifested by campus bus facilities for students. Campus buses have been operating since the beginning of the month, to be precise starting Monday (3/10). It is planned that the campus bus will be officially launched by the Rector of Diponegoro University on October 28, 2022.

Prof. Faisal, SE., M.Si., Ph.D. as Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs who had the opportunity to be the Chairperson of Undip’s 65th Anniversary Committee said that Undip was committed to providing the best service for students. Previously, Undip conducted activities to distribute nutritious food to Undip students for free. Nutritious food distribution is held every Tuesday and Wednesday. The locations for the distribution of free food are at the hall of Undip Student Center, the hall of FPIK Undip, the parking lot of SA-MWA Undip, and at the Undip Pleburan campus located at the Imam Barjo Auditorium. This activity is a series of activities to welcome Undip’s 65th Anniversary and in order to improve the welfare of Undip students, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regarding the campus bus, Prof. Faisal explained that the purpose of operating campus buses is to facilitate students going to and from college, avoiding traffic jams, as well as providing comfort and safety compared to driving alone. In addition, according to Prof. Faisal, the availability of campus bus facilities also supports the sustainable development goals (SDGs), namely the third goal of good health and well being. “The reduction in private vehicles in the campus environment with campus bus facilities will have an impact on reducing air pollution and noise pollution from the roar of vehicles which affect health quality. The quality of student health is maintained, and also prosperous, because it is more cost-effective than using private vehicles,” explained Prof. Faisal.

“The presence of campus buses will be very helpful because the existing public transportation, namely the BRT Trans Semarang, has limited access, not reaching all faculties,” he added. He further explained that the campus bus operates from 07.00 AM to 17.00 PM. Meanwhile, there are currently 4 (four) campus buses available. The temporary routes that the campus buses take are still limited in the campus environment with several stopping points.

“By paying attention to the interest and positive response from students, it is possible that the campus bus route will be expanded beyond the campus environment so that it further expands student access to enjoy campus bus facilities,” concluded Prof. Faisal.

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