Semarang – Central Java (9/11). One of the obligations of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education is community service activities. In line with climate change which causes people to carry out adaptation and mitigation activities in order to better adapt to the environment, FPP Undip held environmental-themed community assistance activities. One of the activities was carried out in the Kajen District area, Pekalongan Regency, which is one of the locations where PSDKU Undip was built.

The training activity for PKK mothers in Sabarwangi Village, Kajen District, Pekalongan Regency including the processing of organic and inorganic waste which was carried out at the Village Hall, Monday, October 7, 2022. The team from FPP Undip, namely Dr. Ir. Cahya Setya Utama,, S.Pt, M.Si., IPM and Dr. Ir. Marry Christiyanto, M.P., IPM. Tri Naini, as the Head of PKK Team at the Sabarwangi Village said that this training activity was intended so that later women would be able to sort waste from the household scale to the TPST in the village. The Head of Sabarwangi Village, Asep Meka Suwandi, emphasized in the opening ceremony that it was hoped that PKK women could attend training properly and thoroughly so that waste management in Sabarwangi Village could provide economic benefits for all residents.

This training activity is carried out with the application of appropriate technology for the community, which is truly practical and efficient. Dr. Ir. Cahya Setya Utama, S.Pt, M.Si., IPM, Lecturer of the Department of Animal Sciences Undip in his material stated that processing waste would produce blessings. “So organic waste that used to smell bad, after being processed then the smell will change, namely the smell of money,” explained Cahya.

The PKK organizers were very enthusiastic in participating in the training up to the practice of making solid organic fertilizer. Questions and answers about the technique of making organic fertilizer and its application made the training atmosphere more interesting and not boring.

Dr. Ir. Marry Christiyanto, M.P., IPM., in his presentation explained the importance of processing waste, both organic and inorganic in an organized and systematic container so that the residential environment becomes more comfortable. This environmental management program is in line with the government’s program, namely the Kampung IKLIM Program. The community moves together to adapt and mitigate climate change with various activities, one of which is waste management.

Riska Dewi Widyaningrum, S.Pd., M.Pd, as the Secretary of Sabarwangi Village, admitted that the training activities carried out with Undip grew a new passion for the community to better organize and develop their village. “We are fully committed and ready to work with Undip to be able to make Sabarwangi Village one of the Kampung IKLIM in Central Java,” said Riska.

The synergy of activities between universities, related agencies/services and the community has indeed become a driving force in accelerating the development of rural communities.

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