DWP UNDIP Held Body Health Study with dr. Zaidul Akbar

Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) of Diponegoro University (Undip) virtually held recitation activities with inviting resource person dr. Zaidul Akbar. The event with the theme “Restore Your Body’s Fitrah” was held on Friday (25/11) with shohibul bait DWP Faculty of Medicine Undip.

Representing Mrs. Asih Budi Astuti Yos Johan Utama, as Chairperson of DWP Undip, Mrs. Krisma Irmayanti conveyed that DWP Undip routinely carries out recitations.

“Hopefully this activity will give you a lot of goodness, blessings, and happiness. All of us who attend this recitation can take lessons and practice them in our daily lives,” she said.

In her remarks, the Head of DWP Faculty of Medicine Undip, Mrs. Retno Nur Kadarwati said that the theme of this activity was expected to provide great benefits, insight and knowledge, and the importance of maintaining health.

Present as a resource person as well as a medical practitioner, dr. Zaidul Akbar revealed that if mental health decreases, then the immune system also decreases, and vice versa. To maintain endurance, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the body and also emotions. If physical and emotional problems are not treated immediately, it will burden a person and result in an unhealthy body.

“Furthermore, efforts to take care of body and soul, including eating and drinking in moderation, and being careful in what we say and behave are also important. Islam is very concerned about matters of the heart and soul, for example by sholat, sodaqoh, zikir, or other acts of worship so that the heart always connects with Allah. In this way, we will give ourselves peace and health,” he explained.

He further said that by surrendering to God, you will get inner peace and feelings of suspicion, anxiety or other heart ailments will slowly disappear. Since we believe that everything happens must be God’s will and nothing can prevent it. (Lin – Public Relations)

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