Four PSDKU UNDIP Students Won BI Scholarships in 2023

The beginning of the year is the time to plan and target work programs. Likewise for a student. Students must be accustomed to making work plans at the beginning of the year so that they are accustomed to carrying out tactical and strategic work steps until later they enter the world of work. One of the student achievements that deserves to be pursued since the beginning of the year is a scholarship.

Bank Indonesia Central Java and Diponegoro University have collaborated in offering Bank Indonesia scholarships since 2021. Not only receiving scholarships, every student who qualifies as a scholarship recipient is required to take part in activities throughout the year in a community formed by Bank Indonesia called GENBI (Generasi Baru Indonesia/Indonesian New Generation). All information about GENBI can be seen on the official website www. generasibaruindonesia.com.

The selection for GENBI in 2023 began on January 13, 2023. Undip has received a scholarship quota of 130 which will be contested by students from various faculties. From this quota, it is divided into 3 (three) types of scholarships, namely 75 (seventy five) regular scholarships and 25 (twenty five) vocational scholarships, where each recipient will receive 1 million IDR per month for 12 months. The third type is a superior scholarship for as many as 30 (thirty) recipients where they will receive education funds of 1.5 million IDR per month for 12 months.

Four PSDKU Undip students won Bank Indonesia vocational scholarships in 2023. They are Tsabita Via Sufika, Diva Alifia, Haryati Kurniasih, and Nurhikmah. “In the last year’s GENBI activities, I gained a lot of experience and learned about central banking, which also relates to Indonesia’s fiscal policy. It is very relevant to my knowledge in the field of taxation,” said Tsabita, a D3 Tax Administration student at PSDKU Batang, who won a BI scholarship for the second time in 2023. Tsabita is currently fighting for internship opportunities at Bank Indonesia with the capital of her achievements including receiving BI and GENBI scholarships as well as other achievements.

Ropinov Saputro, one of the PSDKU Undip lecturers who is also the mentor of scholarship participants said, “The selection process for prestigious scholarships such as BI scholarships forms a culture of achievement among students, as portfolios and presents them for competitive matters such as scholarship selection. This BI scholarship provides funds of 1 to 1.5 million rupiah per student/month and will increase the chances of winning it again next year.”

In the future, it is hoped that more Undip students will be interested in the culture of achievement from the study program since day one of college. Of course, great success cannot be achieved immediately. However, with a lot of experience and hard work, as well as portfolio growth, students can gradually achieve glorious achievements. One example is BI scholarship where the funds obtained per year are quite large, and it feels like studying for free because after paying UKT for 1 year students still get the remaining scholarship funds. Come on, join the BI scholarship selection!

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