Implementation of UTBK SNBT UNDIP First Day Went Smoothly

The first day of the Computer-Based Writing Examination (UTBK) Test-Based National Selection (SNBT) at Diponegoro University, Monday (8/5) located within the Undip Tembalang Campus and Undip Pleburan Campus went smoothly. Previously, the participants had obtained information about the location of the exam on the UTBK Center Web at the link https://utbk.undip.ac.id/location-utbk/. Participants are also present at the location on time while implementing health protocols such as wearing masks.

UTBK is a test that is the main requirement for taking part in the 2023 Test-Based National Selection (SNBT) at academic State Universities (PTN), Vocational School, and State Islamic Religious Colleges (PTKIN).

In practice, the participants must ensure that all the documents required by the UTBK SNBT regulations must be brought, the committee only provides a blank paper and does not provide a pen, participants who use motorbikes are allowed to park in the parking area where the test is carried out, the guardians of the participants are not allowed to park in the campus area, pick-up of participants can only be done after the test in each session is over, as well as pick-up and return of participants by the route set by the committee.

Requirements that participants need to bring are Examination Participant Identity Cards and copies of SMA/SMK/MA Certificates or equivalent and have been legalized or Reference Letter. While class XII needs to bring a Certificate from the Principal which is equipped with the latest color photo and affixed with a school stamp or Identity Card (Original).

The UTBK material tested is the Scholastic Potential Test which includes general reasoning abilities, quantitative abilities, general knowledge and understanding, and the ability to understand reading and writing. In addition, there are also literacy tests in Indonesian and English, as well as Mathematical Reasoning Tests. (LW-Public Relations)

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