Solar Boat DIPONEGORO 1.0 RMT UNDIP Ready to Compete in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

The Research Team of Marine Technology Diponegoro University (RMT Undip) is ready to compete in the international competition Monaco Energy Boat Challenge which will be held from 3 to 9 July 2023 in Monaco. The RMT Undip team has prepared a solar-powered boat named DIPONEGORO 1.0, which was inaugurated last December 21. The DIPONEGORO 1.0 Solar Boat project itself started in 2021 with a long and new design and optimization process. In March 2022, DIPONEGORO 1.0 developed to the building stage and it continues to be upgraded and researched until nowadays.

Rico Ade Putra as the RMT Undip Team Leader revealed that the release and delivery of the DIPONEGORO 1.0 Solar Boat had been held on May 23, 2023. “DIPONEGORO 1.0 Solar Boat will take part in the international Monaco Energy Boat Challenge competition. Insyaallah, with the hopes and prayers of all parties, we will strive for optimal results in this competition.” said Rico.

The event for the release and delivery of DIPONEGORO 1.0 was supported by the RMT Undip Team Advisor, Vice Rector III Prof. Budi Setiyono, S.Sos., M.Pol.Admin., Ph.D., the academic community, as well as all parties who support renewable energy research. Diponegoro University has an important role in the DIPONEGORO 1.0 project through support in the form of adequate facilities and financial assistance so that the process can run well.

The RMT Undip Team in the international competition Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is the only representative from Indonesia and will compete with 12 other countries from around the world in the Solar Class field such as the Netherlands, Portugal to the United States.

Undip is committed to continuing to support research development in various fields, one of which is through the RMT Undip Team. This research team focuses on the development of New Renewable Energy (EBT) technology in the maritime sector with the aim of supporting the transition to green energy for a better future.

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