Bethris Loisa (Graduate of the Faculty of Psychology): UNDIP Provides Many Opportunities to Develop Potential

“I learned to develop various soft skills starting from practicing creativity, discipline, cooperation and leadership in non-academic activities such as joining the Choir Student Activity Unit at Psychology Undip namely Psychovocalista, PMKK Psychology and being active in Diponegoro University Mental Health Movement activities,” said Bethris Loisa, a student who officially graduated at the 170th graduation of Diponegoro University from the Faculty of Psychology.

“In the field of choir, Psychology students have won Gold Medals in the activities of the UNY National Choir Festival and the Maranatha Choir Festival,” she continued.

Bethris said that during her study at Undip she had experiences that were memorable, fun, full of gratitude, and gave many lessons. Learning at Undip greatly facilitates it from an academic point of view starting from the lecturers, materials that are up to date and relevant, as well as a learning environment that supports increasing learning motivation. Not only academically, from a non-academic perspective Undip also provides many opportunities to develop potential and provide space for students to serve society through their knowledge.

“Education and self-potential development are two things that should go hand-in-hand. In addition to optimizing academic learning by having targets to be achieved, it is hoped that this will also be balanced with efforts to recognize and develop their potential so that soft skills and hard skills can grow. Those potential hopefully could become valuable provisions to achieve every dream that we hope for,” concluded the graduate with a GPA of 3.82. (LW – Public Relations)

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