Mutiara Nafisha Putri (Graduate of FISIP UNDIP): Students as the Next Generation of the Nation Actively Advance the Nation

“Studying at Diponegoro University has had many impressions on me, from the beginning as a freshman to graduating from a bachelor’s degree. Tembalang has interesting stories from every street corner. Lecturers, friends who are full of mutual respect, and academic activists,” said Mutiara Nafisha Putri, a graduate of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences from the Public Administration study program. She is one of Undip students who officially graduated at the 170th Graduation Ceremony of Diponegoro University.

“The organization and other committee activities that I participated in had a distinct impression, I got many benefits in the academic and non-academic fields. During college, I actively participated in organizations within the association, community service activities, and other committee activities. The competition that I have participated in in the field of sports is the Dipo Undip Volleyball competition and won 3rd place representing the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Undip. I also run a FnB business called Lumpia Burger Indrapasta, the business has been running for one year,” she said.

“Graduating from college on time with the cum laude predicate and becoming the best graduate is certainly an honor for me, but the effort must not stop because life must continue learning and studying. Of course I thank all those who helped lead me to this success. It’s time to start a career that makes Undip proud,” said Mutiara.

She said education and organization have the same priority. The organization is a place for developing the potential and character traits of leaders. While education also contributes to the development of science. There is nothing to lose as long as both are carried out together. “As students and the nation’s next generation, we have a role in actively advancing the nation,” she concluded. (LW – Public Relations)

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