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The Bandhayudha Team of Diponegoro University Won 3rd Place in the 2023 Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) Regional Level 2

(Semarang, 8 June 2023) The Diponegoro University Robotics Team – Bandhayudha Team won the award as the 3rd winner at the 2023 Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) regional level 2, held online from 28 May – 3 June 2023. The seven divisions contested in the 2023 Indonesia Robot Contest include the Indonesian ABU Robot Contest (KRAI), Wheeled Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI), Humanoid Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI), Indonesian SAR Robot Contest (KRSRI), Indonesian Dance Art Robot Contest (KRSRI), Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KKRTMI), and Indonesian Underwater Robot Contest (KRBAI).

The award that the Diponegoro University Robotics Team won was 3rd Place in the ABU Indonesia Robot Contest (KRAI) division. The Bandhayudha team, as a representative in the Undip KRAI division, is a cross-disciplinary team chaired by Miftahul Anwar (Mechanical Engineering) and consists of Sirojudin Munir, Brian Fari Firmansyah, Amalia Inana Kesuma Putri, Bima Arya Wichaksana, Muhammad Faizul Kirom, Haya Zahwa Aqilah, Sindi Octavia, Muhammad Daffa Radithya Widodo, Nindya Puspita Hapsari, Layaalin Mutmainah (Electrical Engineering), Rahmat Ginanto, Fatih Al Hakim, Aufa Rofiqi Abdillah, Mochamad Rizqy (Mechanical Engineering), Muhammad Sulthon Auliya (Computer Engineering), and Hafidh Shafriyan Pamilih (D4 Mechanical Design Engineering).

The Head of the Undip Bandhayudha Team – Miftahul Anwar, said that the Undip Bandhayudha team had prepared a mature concept and design for the robot in the previous five months. The Undip Bandhayudha team has gone through many processes, from researching the mechanisms for taking, throwing, and controlling the movement of robots to carrying out the competition. Furthermore, Miftahul Anwar added that the Bandhayudha Team’s biggest challenge during the match had to make two types of robots with different configurations, namely the Rabbit Robot and the Elephant Robot, which had to be able to insert a circle of bracelets onto the intended poles, according to the rules of the 2023 International ABU Robocon as a reference for the Indonesian ABU Robot Contest (KRAI). The challenge is to insert as many bracelet loops as quickly and as much as possible, requiring frequent calibration and trial and error to pick up and throw the bracelet circles accurately.

Continuing to the national event, the Undip Robotics Team is optimistic and trying to improve the robot’s performance based on the evaluation results from KRI Region 2. “For this reason, we will try even harder to improve the robot’s accuracy, precision, and speed in completing missions. The hope is that we can become champions on the National KRI and represent Indonesia at the 2023 ABU Robocon event in Phnom Penh, Cambodia,” he explained.

With success achieved at the 2023 KRI Region 2, the Diponegoro University Robotics Team has the right to compete in the 2023 KRI national-level event, which will be held offline at the University of Semarang (USM) on June 21-26, 2023. Finally, Miftahul Anwar, as the team leader, said he was happy with the achievements that had been achieved, hoping that the Undip robotics team could get the best achievements at the upcoming 2023 KRI.

At the upcoming 2023 National KRI event, apart from the Bandhayudha team, three other Undip KRI divisions will also compete, namely the Andromeda Team in the KRSRI (Indonesian SAR Robot Contest) division, the Bascorro Team in the Humanoid KRSBI (Indonesian Football Robot Contest) division, and The Barracuda team in the KRSBI (Indonesian Wheeled Football Robot Contest) division. Good luck to the entire UNDIP robotics team in the 2023 Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI), and good luck with achieving the best achievements!

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