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Mukhammad Sabiluna (Graduate of PSDKU UNDIP Batang) Determined to Continue His Studies at UNDIP

“While studying at Diponegoro University, I was a representative of PSDKU Undip Batang Regency in the Binwil Pekalongan and Binwil Banyumas college-level camping events. I also work in a company in the position of admin staff,” said Mukhammad Sabiluna, a graduate who was inaugurated at the 172nd Undip graduation ceremony from PSDKU Undip Batang, majoring in D3 Public Relations.

The graduate, who earned a GPA of 3.72, said that studying at Undip was a matter of pride for him because Undip is one of the leading universities in Indonesia. “If there is another opportunity to continue studying, I will choose Undip again as a place to seek knowledge,” he stated.

“It cannot be denied; now we have entered the era of globalization, the intense competition in the world of work is a challenge in itself. During college, we are taught how to convey good skills or abilities. We are also taught how to build good relationships and increase relationships. “Education and organization are critical because, like it or not, to compete in the real world of work, we cannot be separated from education and the ability to socialize or adapt to new environments or other people,” concluded Sabiluna. (LW-Public Relations)

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