Febrianti Nur Wahyuni, S.S., who is usually called Febri, is one of the alumni of the Indonesian Literature Undergraduate Study Program, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. She was inaugurated at the 172nd graduation ceremony of Diponegoro University with a cum laude predicate with a GPA of 3.59. Not only did she have a cum laude degree, but Febri also became one of the outstanding students from the Faculty of Humanities since she made many achievements. Febri, a graduate of Pati, is a person who is persistent and optimistic in living her life. Her spirit is reflected in the life motto she adheres to, namely, “Be sure something is waiting for you after all the patience we have endured, which will leave you stunned until you forget how painful the pain is,” Febri said enthusiastically.

Not only focusing on attending lectures, but the life motto that Febri adheres to also encourages her to continue to be proactive in living her life by participating in organizations, competitions, freelancing and internships. From all these activities, she took lessons from the experiences she gained from the assignments and the people she met. Febri said, “We must seek as much experience as possible, learn to be independent, and survive when we are far from home and family.”

Her efforts so far have had sweet results. She has taken part in many competitions, and her final achievement was in the 2021 BKKT UNS competition, winning 1st place, favorite champion, and overall winner of the National Cultural Title Dance Creation.

For Febri, graduation has its meaning, “Graduating is when we have completed what has become our responsibility. If we have started, we must be able to finish it well and on time. Graduating is also an opportunity for us to seek more extraordinary experiences after this,” said Febri. At the end of the interview, Febri advised the younger to be themselves and be helpful to others. (Boby-Public Relations)

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