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Sabna, Outstanding Undip Graduate: Make it Happen, Shock Everyone!

Sabna Faradila, one of the top graduates of the Communication Science Program at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University (Undip), with a GPA of 3.86, has extensive experience in organizing. Sabna has been the Chairperson of the Indonesian Cheer Association (ICA) in Central Java since 2022. Additionally, she has been involved in several off-campus organizations, such as TEDxUndip, Indonesian Next Leader Central Java, and ICA Central Java.

Sabna has also been a freelancer in the event media company Eventsclick since 2020, which has provided her with skills in marketing communication and communication branding. One of the most memorable experiences for Sabna was when she was selected for the Certified Internship Program at a State-Owned Enterprise, PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX, and underwent a 6-month internship. After that, she and her friends also ventured into establishing and managing a business in design services, photography, videography, and social media called “Artji” in 2020. Sabna is also actively involved as an extracurricular Cheerleader coach at SMP N 2 Semarang.

According to Sabna, studying at Undip provided unforgettable experiences due to the supportive campus environment and friends. The courses taught were not only theoretical but also included many practical courses that allowed students to implement all their creativity and ideas in collaboration with various clients on various projects.

“Especially in the Communication Science program, students can address lecturers as ‘Mas’ and ‘Mbak,’ which gives the impression of closeness, familiarity, and a sense of family between lecturers and students,” said Sabna.

She advises the younger generation to pursue education as high as possible while remembering to engage in organizations. Being involved in organizations can expand networks that provide lessons on the importance of respecting opinions and gaining new experiences. Combining education and organizational involvement will develop good time management, proper prioritization, and practical relationship utilization, as well as cultivate responsibility, which will ultimately assist in self-development for the future.

“So, don’t be afraid to start something new and try to step out of your comfort zone. While you’re still young, explore as much as you can and don’t be afraid to fail. Make it happen, shock everyone,” concluded the Chairperson of ICA Central Java. (Sudanta – Public Relations)

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