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FPP UNDIP’s Professor Explained the Contribution of Purebred Chickens to Fulfill National Animal Protein Needs

On Tuesday (02/04), Diponegoro University (UNDIP) held an Open Session of the Purna Adi Cendekia Academic Ceremony at the Prof. Soedarto, S.H. Building, Tembalang Campus. In this Purna Adi Cendekia (Retirement Ceremony), Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Sukamto, S.U., as a Professor of the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences in the field of Nutrition and Animal Feed, delivered a Retirement Academic Oration titled “The Contribution of Broiler Chickens in Fulfilling the National Animal Protein Needs.”

In his Academic Oration, Prof. Bambang explained that Indonesia’s population, currently reaching more than 275 million people spread across the archipelago, requires food sourced from agricultural, livestock, fisheries products, and processed products such as tofu, tempeh, processed milk (cheese, butter, cream, and whey), canned fish, salted fish, smoked fish, and other fish products.

Prof. Bambang elaborated that broiler chickens and laying hens are the primary sources of animal protein, with characteristics of rapid growth and efficient feed conversion. The use of technologies such as closed-house rearing systems has increased their productivity, yielding up to 300 eggs per year with high feed conversion efficiency. Additionally, broiler chickens and layers significantly contribute to the availability of poultry protein in Indonesia.

“Nevertheless, plant protein consumption still dominates, especially in rural areas. The production of broiler chicken meat continues to increase from year to year, providing affordable animal protein for the community. With a broiler chicken population reaching 3.17 billion in 2023, the availability of chicken meat has met the animal protein needs in Indonesia, with an average per capita consumption of 11.53 kilograms per year,” explained Prof. Bambang.

Prof. Bambang mentioned that data from the 2020 Susenas (National Socioeconomic Survey) indicates nutritional adequacy in Indonesia, with protein consumption reaching 62.05 grams/capita/day, exceeding the recommended 57 grams/capita/day. Estimations of protein production from broiler chickens and layers show a contribution of 11.74 grams/capita/day, or equivalent to 20.60% of the total protein needs. Thus, the contribution of broiler chickens and layers to fulfilling the national protein needs is 20.60%. (Sudanta-Public Relations)

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