One of communities that hard to meet the need of houses are low-income people (LIP). The peopla have limited purchasing power so that they need government’s support for obtaining houses. Government have to facilitate development and provoding housing by sustainable and gradual program of housing development planning. Moreover, according to Ministry of Public Works and Housing’s estimation, the high number of backlog reached 13.5 million units on 2015. These main ideas emerged in national seminar and group discussion themed “Stakeholder Integrity in Providing Decent and Affordable Housing and Environment” on Wednesday (May 9, 2018) at Aston Inn, Pandanaran, Semarang City.
In his speech, Dean of Undip Faculty of Engineering M. Agung Wibowo, PhD said that need of housing between 800,000 and 1,000,000 units per year. Meanwhile, government and developer capabilities are only to provide 400,000 per year. “If this situation does not change, then backlog of national housing will be higher, especially by seeing the average population growth in Indonesia reached 1.49% per year,” he said.
“It needs coordinated and syncronized stakeholders’ program for anticipating this situation.[WU1] Based on this idea, Diponegoro University (Undip) considers it necessary to hold seminars and discussions to explore experiences and practices as lessons learned and to explore new ideas, methods and concepts on policymaking of pro-growth, pro-poor and pro-environment housing and settlement areas,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of National Seminar Committee Dr. Sunarti, S.T., M.T. who is also Chairperson of City Lab at Department of Regional and Municipal Planning (RMP) said this activity is to detect recent issues of municipal housing, especially low income housing, to open perception on policymaking and policy-applicating experiences as well as developing entrepreneurship in environmental friendly housing and settlement areas sector, to explore innovative ideas in handling issues of housing and settlement areas, both from academicians, bussiness sector, goverment offices, and civil society, as well as to socialize providing community-based housing.
Speakers in the seminar are Ir. Khalawi, AH, M.Sc., M.M. (Directorate General of Provision of Housing of Ministry of Public Works and Housing) who addressed a keynote speech, Andi Tenrisan (Director of Provisions and Determination of the Rights to Land and Spatial at Directorate General of Legal Relations of Agrarian Affairs in Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency), and other speakers are Dr.Ing. Asnawi, S.T. (a researcher at Laboratory of Municipal Development at Department of Regional and Municipal Planning, Faculty of Engineering of Diponegoro University, Dr. Fadang Rahman (Director of Public and Commercial Housing of Ministry of Public Works and Housing, R. Mahelan Prabantarikso (Managing Director of Compliance and Risk of Bank BTN).