Launching of PCR Services in RSND by the Governor of Central Java

Diponegoro University continues to make a move in fighting the Covid-19 outbreak. Diponegoro National Hospital (RSND) is one of the Public Universities Hospitals referred to treating Covid-19 patients. On Wednesday (4/22/2020) PCR (Polymerse Chain Reaction) service will be launched to conduct coronavirus or covid-19 checkups. Services in the form of Drive thru swab test Covid-19 and Covid-19 PCR laboratories will be available. It is hoped that these utilities will help Covid-19 treatments far more quickly.

A message of gratitude has been expressed by the Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama for the assistance of the PCR test lab to the Provincial Government of Central Java.

“Efforts from Undip and the governments have been maximized, we hope this pandemic will be soon passed,” said the Rector.

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo thanked Undip for its cooperation this far, especially in handling the corona virus outbreak. “We hope to be able to back up health facilities in Central Java, because the amounts of labs and human resources are limited here. We will work together to prevent this pandemic as PCR is a way to speed up the swab process, “said Ganjar.

Director of RSND Dr. dr. Sutopo, M.M., M. Kes said that each lab’s results will be reported directly to the Central Java Provincial Health Office. It is hoped that the presence of this lab can accelerate the prevention of transmission and break the covid19 virus chain.

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